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Soren and Tiny Hoops tableware

Hello, welcome to my brand new blog!  I have started it to keep track of a very exciting project that I have just embarked upon.  I was utterly delighted to receive funding from Arts Council England to take me through a year of creative research and development into a new body of work, including one off hand made ceramics, new designs for tableware and a new direction into 2-d work such as drawing, collage and printmaking, and I’m going to keep up to date with my progress through the year here.

My year of creative development has just begun, and the school holidays have started at the same time.  So at the moment I am fielding enquiries about Spiderman, what’s for lunch and when I am likely to be finished using the computer. I think it would be best to concentrate on the admin side of things for the next few weeks…the urge to draw leaves and trees will have to wait until September!

So at the moment, I’m in the middle of a marketing campaign for my collection of 12 greetings cards.  If it all works out, sales of my cards will help me to fund my creative activities far beyond the year of assistance from the Arts Council.  During the coming year, I’ll be adding to the collection with new card designs.  I do love my cards, but they represent the very start of my experiments in two dimensions – it all feels like a very new departure from ceramics at the moment and the designs are developing a lot each time I do new ones.  The most recent ones are taken from some large footed platters that I made in June – they were the first of the new large scale ceramic pieces that I plan to make a lot of in the coming months.  They are a grid design, with dots to represent garden paths and rows of trees like those in formal gardens.  So the cards are a continuation of this, and I’m thinking that I will do more on this theme, as it incorporates a lot of elements that I like to work with – a gridlike structure to the pattern, a simplification of the shapes and symmetry found in nature and repeating motifs.  We have been invited to a family birthday weekend at Clumber Park in north Nottingham this weekend…which happens to have an amazing Victorian walled kitchen garden in it, and I’m thinking I could do a lovely new design based on that…

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