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'laurance jug and red berries' january 2013

‘laurance jug and red berries’ january 2013

Hello again….I’m writing this on a cold and misty February afternoon, waiting for a courier to come and collect nine boxes of freshly made and painted ceramics and watercolours to take up to Inverness for an exhibition at the Castle Gallery, (www.castlegallery.co.uk), which opens on the 2nd March.  I’ve had to leave my family in the swimming pool at Centre Parcs in Sherwood Forest to come back and wait for him, so I really hope he turns up soon!  Well, at least the cat was delighted to see me again, so that I could give her some extra holiday food.

The show is called ‘Inspired to Design’, and features my work and that of Janine Partington, a maker who has long been a favourite of mine.  Here is her website: www.janinepartington.co.uk – as you can see from her site, she is a vitreous enamel artist and is also inspired by natural forms such as branches, seed heads and leaves, plus native english wildlife such as rabbits and birds.  She has been making scalpel cut line drawings for this show as well, which look amazing.  I just wish I could hop on a plane and go see her work when it’s up in the gallery!

I spent the first three weeks of this year painting watercolours for the exhibition, and then the last month has been spent flat out making ceramics for the show.  So there is a nice selection of 11 paintings, 65 various pieces of ceramics and 18  books made by Heather Dewick going on a long, long journey this evening.  I do hope that some of you can make it to see!  The show is on until 27th March.

As I spent three weeks concentrating on painting in January, I had the chance to really think about my 2d work, and how I would like to progress with it.   Having made about 8 new paintings in this time, I have decided that I would really like to  loosen my drawing and painting up a bit, and introduce a little bit of spontaneity and life – as I feel that although I have made progress technically, there is something rather static about my work that all the detail I concentrate on forces on the end result; and I’d much prefer it if there was a little bit more discernable joie de vivre going on, such as I feel there is in my ceramics.  I’m sure this can happen before too long, with practice – painting is still rather new compared to ceramics for me, which I have been doing for about 15 years now, so I should have cracked it by my mid 50s!

With this painting development in mind, I asked my good friend Sofie, who teaches life drawing, to come and give me an intensive ‘lose your inhibitions’ class in drawing, in exchange for a commissioned plate for her little boy.  She got me to do all kinds of things with charcoal that were designed to break me out of that teeny tiny detail thing I’ve been doing, and although I absolutely hated some of the exercises, I did enjoy some of them, such as drawing with the hand you don’t usually use, and I think that it will help me next time I am ready to do some more still life painting.

Anyway, meanwhile, here are a few of the watercolours that are going to the Castle Gallery (which are still nice I think, even though they demonstrate the above niggles!):

'succulents and checks' january 2013

‘succulents and checks’ january 2013

'birch tree' january 2013

‘birch tree’ january 2013

'snowdrops' january 2013

‘snowdrops’ january 2013

I quite like the non accurate slight wobble on the rim of that baking dish there.  That annoyed me while I was painting it, but I’m glad it’s like that now.  Maybe I should just relax a bit when I’m painting!

D71186 wax flowers

That one is called ‘Wax Flowers’.  I got them from the local flower shop, they reminded me of large scale heather, which I thought might be appropriate for Inverness!

There will also be a nice little selection of my ‘dandelion’ and ‘tiny hoops’ pattern tableware, plus some of the ‘fox and hens’ range, together with tree, deer, fair isle and paper cut border decorative ceramics.  Such as another one like this:

three trees long platter

three trees long platter

and some of these, although no dotted stripes:

hoops dandelions and stripes tableware  Well, I’ll finish now, to go and wait impatiently for that poor courier man (he’s going to find me jumping up and down with impatience when he turns up!), and then it’s back to centre parcs hopefully by nightfall!  Maybe I will have some photos to share soon of some nice, spontaneous and lively still lives…here’s hoping anyway!


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